Wednesday, June 26, 2019

EnergyWay was designed to be a Business Intelligence Platform, focused on Brazil´s Oil, Natural Gas and Energy markets.

We are specialists in capturing distributed data while transforming them into strategic business information through the insertion of structures, mappings, relationships and constant updates. The information publication is done through an agile, easy to access, trustable and dynamic platform.

We have nonstop focus on innovation, transformation, data quality and results. This way we bring competitive advantages to the platform users by bringing considerable data preparation time reduction (so enabling more time to focus on data analysis).

The platform provides various services that are hosted on the EnergyWay cloud which eases the user´s access from anywhere as the only requirement is internet connectivity and a web browser.

“There are a lot of business data spread on the Energy market. A big effort and lots of resources are required to get them aligned, their interrelationships created and to keep them updated. Once this is done the user can easily have a complete market view, get insights and discover new business opportunities. The resources and effort required versus the value it brings all is completed motivated us to create EnergyWay.”

Leonardo Toco

We are a group of senior executives from the Information Technology and Energy sectors that teamed up with the vision to create innovative solutions based on the team experiences and market knowledge.

Luiz Duffles
CEO/Corporate Director

Founder and Director of LDSOFT (company that provides the corporate and technologic structure to EnergyWay).

LDSOFT is the Brazilian market leader for Intellectual Property solutions and legal business automation tools based on the SaaS concept (Software as a Service) hosted on the cloud.

He brings the experience of more than 30 years on the IT market and oversees a company that is a market leader and has more than 600 active clients. Luiz is an executive specialized on IP and legal related matters with emphasis on big databases management.

Luiz Ehlers
CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Chemical Engineer graduated from UFRGS. Has more than 10 years of services provided to the oil, natural gas and energy markets. Was Analyst at Gas Energy Consulting company, with innumerous participations on researches, reports and consulting services on matters related to the full oil chain (production, exploration, transport and consumption).

Among the most recurrent themes that Luiz participated were the market researches (Demand and Supply formation) of natural gas in Brazil and other Latin America countries, analysis of transport and processing infrastructure and oil and natural gas projections. He participated actively on the sector seminaries and congresses both as guest and speaker.

Leonardo Toco
COO – Chief Operating Officer

Executive with 15+ experience on the Information Technology market focused on the innovation as a way to generate competitive advantage on the O&G industry. Has worked in companies as Schlumberger, Harris CapRock and Atos Origin in Brazil and Mexico, overseeing Latin America in some positions and had many roles leading diverse teams as IT, Connectivity, Sales, Project Management/PMO, Services, Products and Pre-sales.

Has a long track of industry collaboration for innovation and papers published and presented on SPE, IBP and other institutions. Among the publications, the work done in conjunction with Petrobras for Drilling Remote Operations – first success case worldwide in deepwater – published by SPE  and complemented by publication on IBP  and the design and implementation of a Collaborative Digital Infrastructure for oilfield in deepwater published by SPE are good examples to be mentioned.